WOC Spring Festival Baptism Registration 4/27/24

Baptism doesn’t make someone a Christian — It shows they already are one and is a public declaration they have made Jesus Lord of their lives.

Our policy is to baptize children who are 8 years old or are in the third grade. We want young children to understand what baptism means – they have made the choice to make Jesus Lord of their lives and to be old enough to have a clear memory of being baptized when they are adults. Water baptism and its significance are included in the WOC 2nd grade Children’s Ministries curriculum.

Please fill out the following form to register for Baptism on Saturday, April 27th at World Outreach Church.

Each week on Sunday this form will update to register for that week’s Saturday baptism. There is not a limit on the number of people to participate. Knowing the size of each service’s group prepares staff and volunteers to better serve the baptism candidates and their families.

How many people will you be registering?